Dwarf Papyrus

Botanical Name:
Cyperus haspen viviparous

Cyperus haspen viviparous / Dwarf Papyrus /Available May
Cyperus haspen viviparous / Dwarf Papyrus /Available May
Item# 312

Product Description

Description Grows 12 -18 in. tall, topped with round spiked flower heads of yellow-green florets that turn bronze in late summer.  Stems that bend over and touch the water create new plantlets. Looks like a miniature Egyptian Papyrus.





May be considered invasive, can be controlled when potted in containers with 1 4 in. of water over crown. Division or by rooted plantlets that forms when flower head touch water or by cutting off the flower heads and floating them upside down in water.

Zones 9 - 11 

Grow in Sun to part shade.