Ogon Sweet Flag

Botanical Name:
Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

Acorus gramineus'Ogon' / Ogon Sweet Flag
Acorus gramineus'Ogon' / Ogon Sweet Flag
Item# 203

Product Description

Description Dwarf Water Bamboo is not truly a Bamboo but rather a sedge that has a similar look to Bamboo. Makes a wonderful bor or pond plant. Winter Hardy. tip.  Grows 8 - 12 inches tall.  'Ogon' variety has a yellow stripe leaf.





Plant in wide-mouth shallow pot.  Grow with zero to three inches of water over crown. Propagate by division.

Zones 5-11

Grow in Sun to part shade.

In zones under 6, winter over indoors in saucer of water as a houseplant.