API Pond-ZymeŽ Sludge Destroyer 8oz

API Pond-ZymeŽ Sludge Destroyer 8oz
API Pond-ZymeŽ Sludge Destroyer 8oz
Item# 146B

Product Description

8oz treats 8,000 US gallons (60,560 L)

Specially selected bacterial strains in Pond ZymeŽ with Barley immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters. Through enzymatic action, Pond ZymeŽ with Barley reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear. Pond ZymeŽ with Barley is a 100%-natural product, safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife.

Product FAQs
Q: When should I use Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley?
A: Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley can be used in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. We recommend adding Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley in the Spring when fish start feeding. Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley can be used anytime to help clean up a dirty pond or clear murky water.

Q: Will Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley help control excess phosphates in the pond water?
A: Yes. Excess phosphate often leads to discolored, murky water. The bacterial in Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley will consume phosphate that is in the water and also "organic phosphate" that is in pond sludge. This leads to cleaner, clearer water.

Q: How does Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley keep my filter clean?
A: Pond filters collect particles of fish waste, fish food, plants, and algae. As the filter clogs, the flow rate slows down. Filter efficiency drops dramatically. The best way to keep filters working efficiently is to change the filter media or service the filter on a regular basis. Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley is not a substitute for proper filter maintenance. Regular use of Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley, however, will help keep the filter from clogging with sludge in-between regularly scheduled maintenance. Both the pond bottom and pond filter will remain cleaner with Pond-ZymeŽ with barley.

Q: I accidentally over-dosed my pond with Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley. Should I worry?
A: No. Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley will not harm fish or plants.

Q: Can I use Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley with Accu-Clear?
A: Yes. Add Accu-Clear and wait 24 hours. Then treat with Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley. Accu-Clear grabs onto and settles out organic matter. If Accu-Clear and Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley are added at the same time the Accu-Clear will grab onto the Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley. This will diminish the ability of Accu-Clear to clarify the water. Both products can be used in the same pond, but add then on alternate days.

Q: Wildlife frequently visit my pond. Can I use Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley?
A: Yes. Pond-ZymeŽ with Barley contains natural non-pathogenic strains of beneficial bacterial.

Directions For Use:
Sprinkle desired dose evenly around the perimeter of the pond.

Initial Dose: Using the enclosed spoon, add one spoonful of Pond-Zyme Plus for every 100 US gallons (380 L) twice a week for two weeks.

Maintenance Dose: Add one spoonful for every 200 US gallons (760 L) every two weeks.

End of Season Dose: Same as initial dose.